Playdough can make your kids smart

Kids are naturally designed to play from birth. Their growth process is dependent on how much they can play and what better way for them to play than with play dough. Playdough or modelling clay is a flexible play tool that improves many aspects of a child’s development.

You must have playdough for your child. It allows your child to be creative and expressive. Here are some benefits of using playdough (Especially Blossom’s Playdough).

  1. Hand-eye coordination
  2. Visual differentiation skills
  3. Knowledge of colours and shapes
  4. Fine motor skills
  5. Creativity and imagination
  6. Literacy and numeracy skills
  7. Self Esteem
  8. Knowledge of Bible stories and characters.

We believe that God made us creative and we want to allow kids to express themselves through this playdough. Get yours here and have it delivered to you in Ghana.

May 5, 2020
Cartoons for kids


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