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Children in Ghana are privileged to be born in a peaceful part of the world. However, there’s one thing a large percentage of them lack – access to quality education.

According to, a research published suggests that as of 2019, 400,000 children in Ghana are not enrolled in pre-primary education. This number is likely to have doubled in 2021 following the aftermath of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

UNICEF’s first-ever global report dedicated to early childhood education highlights a lack of investment in pre-primary education by the majority of governments worldwide. We don’t want to wait for the government to effect a change. This is why we need your help.

In Agbobga Suncity, where the current headquarters of Blossom is located, we set out to do our own small research to see what percentage of children were not enrolled in school. We discovered that an estimated 40 out of 100 children were not in school for one reason or the other. Prevalent among the reasons given is lack of money or poverty. Another prominent reason we found was a lack of concern on the part of parents. Most of the parents simply do not have education as part of their priorities.

The parents of these children are made to contribute any amount they can but that usually only covers about 5% of the child’s educational needs. Your contribution can help make a difference.

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