Blossom Kids


Blossom Montessori Homeschools

Blossom kids is giving children quality preschool education for free. Admission is ongoing. Call 0269826103 to enrol your child. 

The main goal for our children is to get them grounded in Christ as they grow. The secondary goal is to help them have focus, concentration, and practical life skills. Every child needs those things to learn anything in life. So we are helping them build that strong foundation now so that they can successfully learn without struggling throughout their lives.

Age range: 2-7years olds are welcome to any Blossom school.

If you know any child of this age range who’s not in school yet, you can do 2 things. Locate the nearest Blossom school or call us to bring quality education to your neighbourhood.

Why the Homeschool style?

Through research, we have come to realise that homeschooled children tend to exhibit more creativity than those who are not. We believe that pre-school should be less formal and should have freedom with limits.

Our style of homeschooling is different from what everyone knows. We have small classes of 5-10 kids and we allow them to feel free and wear dresses of their choice to school. Our prepared environments are liberal and create room for our kids to increase in their creative capacities and build up their social skills excellently at the same time.

Why is it free tuition?

We hate to see children out of school. That is the only reason why we run this school for free. Parents are only required to cover their wards’ lunch fees and to donate any amount monthly to support the vision. You can also support us by donating.

Contact us for further enquiries.