Homeschool Help

It's a real joy!

Thanks to Homeschool Help, I can run my businesses, oversee my NGO, be active in ministry and still successfully homeschool my 3 beautiful kids without any worry or fear of failing at it. It’s a real joy!

Mrs. Abigail Emefa Buckner Business Woman

Karen's Testimonial

This is my review: Homeschool Help has given me the opportunity to homeschool my 4-year-old daughter with ease. I was motivated by Abigail’s successful homeschool journey with her children to make my homeschooling dream come alive. I have received a lot of online resources and a tailored made curriculum for homeschooling. My daughter’s journey to reading has been propelled by this support. Thank you Homeschool Help.

Mrs. Karen Yelzaalem Homeschool mother


Homeschool Help is a Homeschool Facilitation Service here to help you navigate the challenges of homeschooling your child. In recent years, growing numbers of parents are making the decision to directly take charge of their children’s education.


  • As a parent, you may …
    • have questions about the ability of the traditional education system to cater to the specific needs, strengths, interests, or talents of your child.
    • be concerned about the moral and spiritual foundation that is being built in your child.
    • need to address special health challenges your child may be facing.
  • At Homeschool Help, we understand that
    •  Parents have a variety of reasons for starting to homeschool.
    • Challenges may arise in juggling professional and domestic concerns with the educational needs of your child.
    • Every homeschooling situation is unique.

We are here to work with you to come up with a plan that is best suited for your child’s growth and development and fits your busy schedule.


We offer help to homeschool parents in the following categories or areas:

  1. Homeschool Curriculum with Weekly Schedule
  2. Homeschool Classroom Setup and Resources.
  3. Homeschool Focus Monitoring 
  4. Homeschool Examination and Cumulative Record Keeping.

To get more information on this, kindly contact us.